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Szymon Serwatka

Born in 1971; living in Krakow, Poland since 2006.history-img

In 1996, co-founded the amateur research group Aircraft Missing In Action Project which specializes in the history of the US Army Air Force over Poland in World War II. The members of this group have documented several hundred cases of American aircraft that were shot down or landed in Poland behind Soviet lines.

Szymon focuses his research on the 15th Air Force of the USAAF, which attacked targets south of Poland. His research enables the public sharing of stories of heroism and sacrifice of young American airmen who went on missions to bomb the Nazi fuel industry plants in South and North Blechhammer, Odertal, Oświęcim, and Trzebinia.

Szymon supports local exhibitions and museums dedicated to US airmen. Such places are located in Kędzierzyn-Koźle (15th Air Force museum), Ochotnica Górna near Nowy Targ (B-24 California Rocket exhibition), Wadowice (B-24 Hell’s Angels museum) or Jabłonka near Nowy Targ.

In 2010, Szymon was a key organizer and lecturer at a historical conference in Żywiec, Poland. The conference was dedicated to an American B-24 crew, which was forced to land in Jeleśnia near Żywiec, after a mission to IG Farben in Oświęcim on September 13th 1944. The conference was supported by the US Consulate General in Kraków.

Since 2001, Szymon Serwatka has been working closely with the US Department of Defense, supporting their Defence POW/MIA Office in the search of MIA soldiers in Poland.

Author of two books and several articles.

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