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Kenneth Breaux is a retired IT project manager and Naval Officer. He began his interest when brothers-in-arms were lost during the Vietnam conflict. While researching the fate of the father of a friend who was missing in WWII, he became interested in the great numbers of missing from that war. That effort resulted in the writing of a book, Courtesies of the Heart which resulted in the recovery of Lt William M. Lewis, missing since 11 September 1944.

The publication of the book led to what has become an avocation, and to the formation of MIA Recovery Network. MIA Recovery Network is primarily a facilitator. The goal is to provide information and advocacy for families of the missing from all wars. We have numerous contacts who are excellent field researchers, and other volunteers who are competent in archival research and historic investigation. Associates with whom we frequently communicate have worked in the Pacific, Western Europe including Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.  The majority of our current projects are dedicated to the missing in action of the European Theater of World War II.

We will use modern technology, data analysis and clustering, photographic imaging, and geographic information systems to reveal as much information as possible for the families of the missing, and we hope that such information may lead to the eventual recovery of their MIA relative. For more information, please contact Kenneth.breaux@sbcglobal.net

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