Current Projects

  • A comprehensive research project involving the search for remains in the Hurtgen Forest in Germany. Several hundred soldiers remain missing in that area.
  • A search for the remains of unidentified Negro troops, as they were called in WWII. We know when and where these units were deployed, and the casualties they sustained. We will attempt to match casualties with unit movements of these organizations.
  • Assist field researchers with funds for planned underwater searches in Germany and the North Sea.
  • For information contact Ken Breaux ;
  • We continue to progress on the development of our combined MS Access Database and Geographic Information System. When completed, the product will be able to search the data for the locations, conditions of remains, branch of service, and many other attributes of the buried unknowns.  The graphic below shows a representative portion of what the final data will look like for a given buried unknown.
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Contact Information

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